Final 2020 Municipal election vote results

District 1    Councillor Elect     Bruce Prout
District 2    Councillor Elect     Brian (Fuzzy) Connell  
District 3    Councillor Elect     Alan Parish
District 4    Councillor Elect     Clyde Barteaux
District 5    Councillor Elect     Lynn A. Longmire
District 6    Councillor Elect     Alex Morrison
District 7    Councillor Elect     David Hudson
District 8        Acclaimed         Michael Gunn
District 9        Acclaimed         Wendy Sheridan
District 10  Councillor Elect     Brad Redden
District 11  Councillor Elect     Diane LeBlanc

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Important Information Update

In light of announcements from the province regarding COVID-19 Pandemic and the continuing risk from the virus, meetings of Council and Committees will be conducted on ZOOM video and posted on our webpage within 24 hours.  The office buildings will remain closed to the public, until further notice.

Information Technology staff have set up partial services at staff homes enabling staff to work from home, with processes in place allowing citizens to continue to have access to staff through phone and email. The phone number remains the same (902) 532-2331.

Staying Informed

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