Upper Clements Trails

Annapolis County has added to its list of “must try” trail destinations as the Upper Clements Trails officially opens.

In 2022, the Municipality contributed $22,000 to the volunteer trail building group, Annapolis Basin Outdoor Adventures Society (ABOAS), whose members created nearly 8kms of new trail development; contributing nearly 2000 volunteer hours to the project.

“Council and staff are pleased and proud to be opening this new trail system,” said Warden Alex Morrison. “The Annapolis Basin Outdoor Adventures Society (ABOAS) partnered with us to create an amazing trail system in Upper Clements that we hope it will be one of Nova Scotia’s top ten destination trails in Nova Scotia.”

These efforts have provided Annapolis County with a ‘must-go-to’ destination for all outdoor enthusiasts, regardless of the season - hiking, mountain biking, trail running, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, and fat mountain biking. Trails were designed with both single and double track opportunities for both beginner and the intermediate users. Each trail represents local favourites through names like Moon Mist, Milky Way, Nor’Easter, Washtub, Millstone, Prescesky, Deee- Cent, and Gravity Cheque, just to name a few.

“The official opening highlights the trails developed in 2022; however, the plan is to expand the trail system by the end of 2023,” noted Warden Morrison. “This is largely thanks to Annapolis Basin Outdoor Adventures Society members who have committed almost 2000 hours of volunteer time to date and are still enthusiastic to build more trails.”

Phase 2 of trail development is already being planned by ABOA, and will include such names as Storm Chips, Hunkerdown, Beaver Tale and Fenderbumper. A funding commitment has been confirmed from the County of Annapolis, the Province, and the Parker Mountain Wind Turbine Society to move forward with this next phase. 

In 2024, the plan for Phase 3 of this project will include an accessible trail.   

The Upper Clements Trails official opens on Saturday, June 24, 2023, at 2958 Hwy 1, Upper Clements.

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