Canoe Annapolis County Online Mapping App

The Municipality of the County of Annapolis does not have control over the canoe routes, portages or wilderness tent areas listed in the guide or shown in this online map and therefore assumes no responsibility for the safety of the canoeist paddling the route, walking the portage, or using the wilderness tent areas.

We recommend that users approach all canoe routes and wilderness tent areas in a safe and responsible manner, and conduct visual inspections whenever possible and practical.  Conditions can change through flucuating water levels, addition of natural debris, and commercial logging activity.  As we are not the owners of any of the these lands or routes, any special arrangements must be made directly with the owners and you are accountable to them for any damage, loss or other problems that you may cause.  Although the information in the guide and in the map is believed accurate, we assume no liability for any errors or omissions that may exist, or for changes that may have occurred on the routes after the publication of the guide or this map.  

Please take care with your trip planning, safety equipement and wilderness ethics before you travel on the lakes and waterways of the region.  Always tell someone where you are going and when you are returning.  Please be aware that many portages/canoe carries are not marked. 

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