Hydrant Flushing

Brigdetown Oct 1-14
and Margaretsville Oct 4-5
Customers may experience pressure fluctuations and water cloudiness.
Water is safe to drink

Water will be shut off from 100 Seaman street to the east end of Seaman street
September 28, 2021 to repair a line leak.
Customers may experience water cloudiness
Please run your tap until it clears
Water is safe to drink

County of Annapolis offices in Annapolis Royal and Lawrencetown are open to the public.

Hours of service will be 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.


Although open to the public, we continue to operate under a Declared State of Emergency. Please take into consideration the following before coming to our office:

  1. Consider the reason for your visit – Staff are available by phone and email to answer questions and arrange many services you may need. If you need to speak with a specific employee, please contact them by phone or email in advance to arrange an appointment.   To View the Staff Directory  Click Here
  2. Payments - Tax, sewer, and water payments may be made through automated teller machines, telpay / internet banking services and pre-authorized payment plans. Cheque payments may also be left in the drop box at the Annapolis Royal Office.
  3. COVID-19 Protocols – Please review our protocols below prior to your visit:

Staying Informed

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Upcoming Council

Glyphosate Advisory Committee (Ad Hoc)
01 Oct 2021 01:00PM
Committee of the Whole
12 Oct 2021 10:00AM
Municipal Council
19 Oct 2021 10:00AM
Route 21 – East Branch Medway River

This route is NOT recommended for NOVICE and INTERMEDIATE paddlers

The route is comprised of the East Branch of the Medway River, the Medway River proper, and Port
Medway Lake. Although there are a number of stillwaters along the river, the majority of the route is a series of
“drop pools” connected by rips, runs and falls. Navigating these sections requires a high level of technical
whitewater skills and safety consciousness. Navigability is affected dramatically by water levels, and is
generally limited to spring and fall. River canoes equipped with air bags are recommended. Inspection of runs
for obstacles and reading of water prior to navigating is also recommended. The route is recommended for
EXPERT paddlers only.

The river was traditionally used for log driving, and evidence of this activity can be seen in old dams
and sluiceways, and runs cleared of rocks. These old dams and sluiceways must be approached with caution,
as many iron bolts, spikes and other hardware are imbedded in submerged timbers near them. The river flows
through the former Bowater Mersey’s Medway District, now Crown lands, where logging activity may be
encountered, and the Medway Lakes Wilderness Area, where vehicle access is restricted.

The area is not developed, and offers the experienced paddler an opportunity for exciting paddling in
a remote setting.

Click here for a map and more detals about this route.

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