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The role of the Annapolis County Planning Department is to work with community members to envision new possibilities for our diverse region, while making every attempt to be inclusive, long-term, and visionary in the approach.
We have a goal to create a broad vision for the community; striving to promote a vibrant, active, and compatible atmosphere in Annapolis County. Like you, we want to do everything we can to see our communities succeed.

Secondary Plan Review

The County of Annapolis is reviewing their Secondary Municipal Planning Strategies and Land Use Bylaws. These areas are special planned areas in the County that are separate from the County-Wide Plan and include - Cornwallis Park, Upper Clements, Habitation, Bridgetown, and the East End Area.

The Habitation Area Advisory Committee (HAAC) is presently drafting their planning documents. To learn more about the HAAC updated Land Use Bylaws (LUB) and Municipal Planning Strategies (MPS), please see information below.


In 2019 Municipal Council formed the Habitation Area Advisory Committee (HAAC) to start the process of creating a Municipal Planning Strategy (MPS) and Land Use Bylaw (LUB) for the Habitation Area. As part of the process the HAAC has created the following draft Vision Statement and Goals help guide the future of the Habitation Area.

Vision Statement
The Habitation Area strives to be a community that respects and shepherds the natural beauty and history of its landscape by protecting the environment, promoting values of sustainability and self-reliance while encouraging economic prosperity through tourism, family farms, and home based business.

  • •  Preserve the natural and historical landscapes by encouraging sustainable and ecological
        forestry practices, protecting the coastline and marshlands from erosion and sea level rise,
        protecting agricultural land from development, and protecting water sources.
  • •  Honour the historic significance of the community to foster community pride and promote
        tourism through its three national historic sites, provincial museum and the Blue-Route
       Cycling Trail.
  • •  Promote development that reflects the community’s agricultural roots and history of
       self-reliance by encouraging homesteading, farming, and home-based businesses.
  • • Encourage the Municipality to utilize the existing park land by investing in a community green
       space and trails to provide recreational spaces for all ages and abilities.
  • • Promote multi-generational living while striving to attract new families and young
       professionals to the community.
The community is being invited to sit down with the HAAC and other community members to share their thoughts and aspirations for the Habitation Area and provide suggestion and comments on the first draft of the Habitation Area Land Use Bylaw.

Come provide your thoughts, feedback, and suggestions at the Lower Granville Community Hall, 3551 Granville Rd, on Tuesday July 26th, 6:00-9:00 pm

For people who are unable to attend the evening’s workshop you can provide your thoughts and concerns to the committee by either contacting Brendan Lamb or by dropping off a letter addressed to Municipal Office.

To see a copy of the first draft of the LUB and its corresponding Zoning Map, click on the links below.

Draft Land Use Bylaw  Click Here

Draft Zoning Map  Click Here

To learn more about our Planners  Click Here

To review your current Municipal Planning Strategies/Land use Bylaws   Click Here

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