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County Waste Information

General Waste Information

Garbage rules remain the same (Blue Bag 1 – paper & paper products; Blue Bag 2 – recyclables, cans, plastics, cartons, foam polystyrene products; 3 Clear Bags and 1 Black bag – all other garbage).  Please ensure your waste is sorted appropriately to avoid being left behind.

Waste Information

Check Out our new Waste Collection Map Click Here

  • New Annapolis County compost carts are currently being delivered to residential properties, this process began September 24th and will take approximately 7 weeks to complete.
  • The lid of some of the new carts is slightly warped, this is normal during shipping and will right itself over time.
  • All waste should be placed roadside by 7 am on your regular collection day
  • If you have not received your new compost cart, place all compost roadside in compostable bags on collection day
  • Valley Waste Green carts will be emptied by waste collectors on your regular garbage day – once dumped don’t use it
  • Leave Valley Waste green carts in a safe location at or near roadside for pick up by Valley Waste – once dumped don’t use it

Some Reasons Garbage Wasn’t Picked Up

Too many black bags; too many clear bags;  garbage out late to curb;  recyclables unclean;  paper and recyclables in same bag;  non-recyclables in clear bag;  non-compostables in compost receptacle;  materials frozen to ground/receptacle; cardboard not bundled properly;  bags too heavy (up to 15kg);  obstacles preventing pick up (snow, vehicles etc)

Cottage/Seasonal Community Bins

Cottage/Seasonal community bins are being replaced with temporary bins until a permanent solution is in place. 

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