Municipal Operations-General Information

In response to the unprecedented constraints surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, the Municipality of the County of Annapolis would like to re-assure residents that operations are continuing. Although we are going to great lengths to protect the health and safety of our staff all required water and wastewater testing is being carried out, our water and wastewater plants are operating normally, our committed capital projects are still progressing, and emergency situations are being responded to in a timely manner. We would like to remind everyone that ONLY wastewater and toilet paper belong in the toilet. Flushable wipes, disinfectant wipes, and baby wipes block our pumping stations and cause unnecessary effort on our systems and our staff. As always, if you require assistance or spot trouble please call our Municipal Operations toll free line at 1-844-944-4074.

The Municipal Operations Department is responsible for maintaining and constructing County infrastructure.

Day to day, this involves ensuring that our water and wastewater plants and systems are operating effectively, that Municipal roads and sidewalks are maintained, and that County-owned buildings and recreational facilities are in good working condition.

If you are looking for additional information, please call us at 902-532-2331 or explore our website to report information on burned out streetlights, or to learn more about water and wastewater services, as well as the infrastructure management we provide.

For questions or concerns about solid waste and recycling, please contact Valley Waste Resource Management Information directly at 1-833-360-2454 or by email at for more waste information Click Here.

For information on private properties that may be dangerous or unsightly please contact Protective Services at 902-532-0691