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The Annapolis County Recreation team has reached out to local talents asking for their partnership to help us, help you!

During these unprecedented times, we need to come up with creative initiatives to help everyone stay both mentally and physically healthy. Luckily, we live in an immensely caring and  talented region, so finding such partners was not too difficult.

Our first visitor is well-known, local author David Whitman.

David has graciously invited us for a virtual tour of the Bailey Chase Books Museum & Gallery located in Paradise.

The museum is a personal and community based museum that has a collection of familiar and not so familiar relics of the past.  There are treasures and tools, as well as articles from churches, schools, farms, businesses and homes. There are also books, kitchen items, a Santa collection, photos, and a sports memorabilia section.  

A little bit about David...

David Whitman is a retired teacher who lives with his wife, Paulette, in Paradise N.S.  He graduated from Acadia University in 1970 and went on to teach in Halifax and Lawrencetown. He is also a chainsaw carver and basketball player. David has always enjoyed learning about history and collecting historical memorabilia which is on display in the Bailey Chase  Museum. Dave has self published a number of books which can be found in local bookstores or by contacting Bailey Chase Books. 

To see David’s virtual tour, visit

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