Council Highlights: October 20, 2015

October 20, 2015

·         A Letter of Support will go to the Annapolis County 4-H Council in support of hosting the 4-H Pro Show in 2017.

·         Staff will work with Bridgetown Area Community Fund Board so the Municipality may provide tax receipts to only those individual organizations who do not hold registered charitable status.

·         Bear River Economic Development Society will be exempt of the outstanding 2015 sewer tax in the amount of $1,397.70, plus interest, due to a disruption in the sewer service.

·         Approved grant to Annapolis Valley Ridge Runner Snowmobile Club in the amount of $3,266.

·         $90,000 from Capital Fire Reserve Fund in the 2015-16 fiscal year was released to the Lawrencetown Volunteer Fire Department.

·         Uncashed cheques from 2013-14 ($2,000) and 2014-15 ($2,000) will be replaced to the Annapolis County Fire Services Association.

·         Four community citizen engagement (planning) sessions at four different locations throughout the County will be scheduled to discuss strategic priorities. The Strategic Planning Committee will select a Moderator.

·         Staff will develop financing and cost options for the installations of LED streetlights in the community of Paradise.

·         Use of $25,000 from the Water Utility Reserve was approved for cleaning the Cornwallis Park reservoir.

·         A Letter of Appreciation will be forwarded to Mr. Greg Kerr thanking him for his years of service as Southwest Nova MP.

·         Annapolis Municipal Housing Corporation (ACMHC) - Council waived by resolution the restriction regarding consecutive appointments.

Citizens appointed to ACMHC - Judith Perry, Mary Steele, Carol Ward and Shaun Tanassee for an additional two-year term ending November 30, 2017.

·         A letter will be forwarded to Mr. Hague Vaughan accepting, with regret, his resignation from the Planning Advisory Committee.  

·         Basinview Centre, Cornwallis Park: The Municipal Clerk and the Warden were authorized to sign two, separate agreements between the County of Annapolis and Direct Cash Payments Inc. (ATM); and the County of Annapolis and JDL Ascetics and Gel Nails.

·         A Letter of Support will be provided to the Annapolis Valley Exhibition regarding their request for funding from Heritage Canada for a summer festival being planned for 2016.

  • Letter of Recognition will go to Mr. Kirk Lycett who was recently awarded the Pfizer Consumer Healthcare Bowl of Hygeia Award from the Pharmacy Association of Nova Scotia (PANS).
·         Request for the County to pay the Town of Bridgetown’s outstanding membership fee ($7,022) to Valley Regional Enterprise Network (REN) will be forwarded to the Transition Committee.