2015-10-20_Council (indexed for video)

Regular Council

10:00 a.m.   1.ADDITIONS/DELETIONS(added to end of Agenda) (skip to video)

2.     APPROVAL of the AGENDA (skip to video)

3.     MINUTES (skip to video)

A.     Public Hearing (Bridgetown Water Supply), August 18, 2015

B.     Public Hearing (Bunchberry), August 18, 2015

C.     RegularSession,September 15,2015

D.     Special Session, September 21, 2015


In-Camera (skip to video)


MunicipalSolicitor,W. BruceGillis

A.     SeptemberMonthlyReport

B.     Municipal Government Act, Section 22 – Open meetings and exceptions

5.     COUNCILLOR'SCOMMENTS (skip to video)



A.     Proclamation – October as Mi’kmaq History Month (skip to video)

B.     Annapolis County 4H Council – Letter of Support (skip to video)

C.     Bridgetown Area community Fund (skip to video)

D.     Community Alcohol Project: Partners Shifting the Culture of Alcohol (skip to video)

7.     REPORTS and RECOMMENDATIONS (skip to video)

A.     Committee of the Whole (October 13th )

i.        NS Agriculture Request for Input on Two Pieces of Legislation

ii.      Release of Utility Easement in the former Town of Bridgetown

iii.    Bear River Economic Development Society Request Exemption of 2014 Sewer Tax

iv.    Annapolis Valley Ridge Runners Snowmobile Club Grant

v.       Lawrencetown Volunteer Fire Department Funds Release from Fire Services Capital Reserve

vi.     AM-1.4.11 Community Contributions Policy Amendment

vii.   Replacement of Uncashed Cheques – Annapolis County fire Services Association

viii.Valley REN (Regional Enterprise Network) (skip to video)

ix.     Valley REN Appointment

x.       Strategic Priorities – Community Engagement Meetings

xi.     Strategic Priorities – Moderators

xii.    Paradise Street Lights

xiii. Cornwallis Park Reservoir

xiv.  Citizen Appointments to Joint, Regional or Community Organizations – Annapolis County                 Municipal Housing Corporation – Waive Restriction for Consecutive Appointments

xv.     Citizen Appointments to Joint, Reginal or Community Organizations – Annapolis County                     Municipal Housing Corporation – Consecutive Appointment

xvi.  Citizen Appointments to Advisory Boards and Committees – Planning Advisory Committee

xvii.   AM-1.3.6 Advisory Committees and Boards Policy Amendment

xviii.Letter of Appreciation – Hon. Greg Kerr

xix.  Approval of Lease – LJD Nails

xx.      Approval of Revised Lease – DirectCash Payments Inc.

8. CORRESPONDENCE (skip to video)

A. NS Agriculture (September 1st

B. NS Provincial Lotteries & Casino Corporation (September 14th

C. Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities (September 14th)

D. Annapolis Valley Chamber of Commerce (September 14th

E. Annapolis Valley Reginal Library (September 22nd

F. The Royal Canadian Legion (September 30th

G. NS Provincial Lotteries & Casino Corporation (October 1st)

H. Valley Region Solid Waste-Resource Management Authority (October 6th

I.  NS Transportation & Infrastructure Renewal (October 8th(skip to video)

11:00a.m.                PUBLIC HEARING (see separate agenda) (skip to video

                                               Motion from Public Hearing (skip to video)

In-Camera  (skip to video)

12:00 p.m.              LUNCH

1:30 p.m.            9. PRESENTATION (skip to video)
                                    Nova Scotia Environment – Protected Areas and Wetlands, Mr. Peter Labor

                           10. ADDITIONS

A.  Audit  (skip to video)

B.  County flags (skip to video)

C.  County website (skip to video)

D.  Letter of Support - Annapolis Valley Exhibition(skip to video)

E.  Bridgetown Speed Sign (skip to video)

F.  Letter of Recognition - Kirk Lycett (skip to video)

3:30p.m.           11.     ADJOURNMENT**


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