2020 Municipal Election Results

2020 Municipal Election Results
District 1 Bruce Prout       District 7 David Hudson
District 2 Brian (Fuzzy) Connell   District 8 Michael Gunn
District 3 Alan Parish   District 9 Wendy Sheridan
District 4 Clyde Barteaux   District 10 Brad Redden
District 5 Lynn A. Longmire   District 11 Diane LeBlanc
District 6 Alex Morrison      
Districts 8 and 9 were acclaimed

Key Election Statistics

  • Election was 100% electronic: Internet or Phone IVR with voting available from October 5 to October 17.
  • Final 2020 voter participation was 47% vs 32% in 2016.

Thank you to all persons who voted: Your participation is what makes our democracy vital and responsive to you!

Eligible Voters and Voter ParticipationEligibleVoters

Totals of people who voted by web vs phone IVR by district

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