Final Inspection Checklist

The following is a list of items to be considered before requesting a final inspection. This list is to be used as a guide only and is not all-inclusive.

  • Dead bolt locks are required on all entrance doors including doors between dwelling unit and an attached or built in garage.
  • An entrance door that does not have transparent glazing (glass) or a sidelight is required to have a door viewer.
  • Doors are required at all entrances and on all bathrooms.
  • Self-closing devices are required on doors between built in or attached garages and dwelling units.
  • Furnaces are required to have an oil efficiency test by an approved certified technician.
  • All flue pipes, ductwork, furnaces and plenums are to have proper clearances. Check manufactures specifications.
  • All exposed insulation and vapour barrier is to be covered by dry wall or other suitable wall covering.
  • All exterior stairs are to have a landing at the top of the stairs. The landing shall be at least as long as the width of the stairs (minimum 33") and at least 36" wide. A landing is not required at a secondary entrance if the stair contains not more than 3 risers.
  • Exterior stairs with more than 3 risers are to be equipped with at least one handrail at least 311/2" high and not more than 38" high measured vertically from a line drawn through the outside edges of the stair nosing.
  • Exterior stairs with more than 6 risers are required to have guards on all open sides and be equipped with at least one handrail. The minimum height of guards on stairs is 36".
  • All exterior landing, decks, verandas, porches, balconies and patios are to be equipped with guards if they are more than 2'0" above finished grade. Guards are to be a minimum of 36" high, have openings of not more than 4" in dimension and be designed to prevent climbing. If the distance from the deck landing, balcony, etc. is more than 71" above finished grade, the height of the guard must be increased to 42".
  • All interior stairs with more than 2 risers are to be equipped with handrails. The handrail is to be at least 311/2" high and not more than 38" high as measured in the above noted point.
  • Interior stairs with more than 2 risers, landings and floor levels around stairwells are to be protected by walls or guards at least 36" high on stairs and 36" high and landings or floor levels around stairwells. Maximum opening in guards is 4" and designed to prevent climbing.
  • Stairs leading to unfinished basements require at least one handrail and must have both sides enclosed by walls or guards.
  • Minimum thickness for stairs treads including basement stairs is 1".
  • Exhaust ducts including dryers are to be vented directly to the outdoors.
  •  Beams, joists, columns, handrails and guards for decks are to meet National Building Code requirements.
  • Site is to be graded so that water runs away from the building.
  • All single-family units are required to have a ventilation system.
  • Kitchen and bathrooms require waterproof finish on floors.
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