People are being advised to take caution and be prepared as an intense weather system moves across the region that could bring upwards of 100 mm of rain.

According to Regional Management Organization (REMO) Coordinator David McCoubrey, the rain is expected to begin this afternoon and intensify throughout the day. By this evening, people can expect heavy downpours that will continue into Thursday.  

McCoubrey has learned through NS Emergency Management Office (EMO) that there is potential for an excess of 100 mm of rain to fall in some parts of the province so rainfall warnings may be extended.

“We know from past experience how quickly culverts and ditches fill during significant rain events,” said McCoubrey. “And with it brings the potential for flooding”.

“Right now it looks like the heaviest rain will be Wednesday afternoon through Thursday but the rain will persist through the weekend into next week. Now is the time to clean gutters, eaves troughs, and clear drains.”

Residents are also reminded to take caution if they are driving over the next few days as hydroplaning will be a factor on the roads, as well as flooding.

“All we have to do is think back two weeks ago when parts of the area received about 75mm of rain in a two hour period. There were roads covered with water, shoulders washed away, and basements flooded,” reminded McCoubrey. “This much rain in a relatively short amount of time can cause hazardous conditions.”

Preparedness in any situation is important so people are encouraged to put together a plan and assemble an emergency kit. For helpful hints you can go to