Seafood Culinary Institute Proposed to Guide Global Chefs at ABCC

An international culinary institute is being established to demonstrate to chefs from around the world how to select and prepare Atlantic seafood, and will soon be opening in Southwestern Nova Scotia.

The Seafood Culinary Institute of Nova Scotia is currently negotiating with the Annapolis Basin Conference Centre (ABCC) in Cornwallis Park, Annapolis County, to utilize the Centre’s extensive culinary and residential facilities for an eight month period each year. The Institute plans to provide a series of monthly professional development instruction for up to 20 chefs per month.

The Culinary Institute’s professional development program is designed for premium hotel and restaurant chefs around the world who want to enhance their seafood preparation and presentation skills.

It will be constructed around an experiential curriculum featuring in-depth and hands on specialized culinary skills development, allowing participants to see where and how various sea food is raised and/or harvested, processed, allowing chefs to interact one-on-one with producers currently supplying global markets; and then have world class kitchen access to prepare it under the guidance of professional chefs who work with Nova Scotia’s fine seafood daily.

 “Seafood is presently the fastest growing protein worldwide, and Nova Scotia is becoming a leader in seafood product harvesting and marketing”, said Karen Enright the Institute’s founder and Executive Director, adding “And there’s a real demand from international hospitality retailers for professional development in preparation and presentation to encourage customer understanding and satisfaction.

Preliminary discussions have already been taking place with interested hospitality industry representatives, including serious expressions of interest from Asia.

Seafood Culinary Institute of Nova Scotia is hoping to host its professional development program for the first group of visiting chefs by mid autumn.

Enright said that while the Institute is not seeking government funding it has reached out to provincial administrators in Nova Scotia for help in getting advice regarding regulatory and marketing guidance, and she was extremely pleased with the assistance the province has provided.

“From our initial contacts ranging from Premier McNeil to senior staff members from several government departments we have received tremendous encouragement, information and instruction”, said Enright.

Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil applauded the vision and initiative being shown by the Institute’s creators, saying that this was the right time and location for such a proposal.

Premier McNeil added that Nova Scotia was the ideal setting to establish such a facility because “this is where the world’s best product is found”.

“ Seafood is a major export commodity for Nova Scotia and China is one of our significant target markets, so it is vital that we reinforce  the work we are currently doing in building brand recognition with the supporting knowledge of how to properly develop a positive consumer  experience”, McNeil explained.

The Institute has also received overwhelming industry support from within Nova Scotia with offers of encouragement, technical and promotional assistance from well-known area chefs, leading restaurateurs, seafood companies, seafood marketing organizations, economic development and Nova Scotia cuisine advocacy organizations

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