Municipal Council Highlights September 19, 2023


September 19, 2023


Proceeds from Sale of Former Bridgetown Town Hall – Municipal Council approved the use of the proceeds from the sale of the former Town of Bridgetown Town Hall to fund re-development of the lands adjacent to the former Bridgetown Town Hall owned by Municipality of the County of Annapolis as a paved parking area with associated amenities. The withdrawal of up to $186,702 from the Capital Reserve was authorized to be used for this purpose.

Letter of Support – Save Our Old Forests AdvocacyMunicipality of the County of Annapolis will send a letter to the Premier of Nova Scotia outlining its support for the Arlington Forest Protection Society’s advocacy work surrounding the protection of old forests and request that specific Society and general community consultations take place in Annapolis County this fall prior to the Province of Nova Scotia’s development and approval of a comprehensive or long-term ecological forest approach for Nova Scotia’s forests.

Committees of Council and Council Meetings - Municipal Council approved an amendment Policy AM-1.2.0 Committees of Council and Council Meetings Procedures by adding – no Council or Committees of Council meetings held during the month of August.

Fire Service Review – Municipal Council authorized an additional $14,000 in funding as an unfunded liability for awarding of the Fire Service Review contract.

Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) meeting (Habitation Community) - Municipal Council called a PAC meeting for October 5th, 7:00 pm, at the Lower Granville Community Hall for consideration of the Habitation Community planning documents – Municipal Planning (MPS) and Land Use Bylaw (LUB) Strategy.

Nictaux & District Volunteer Fire Department Bridgetown– Municipal Council authorized the withdrawal of $25,000 from the Capital Fire Services Reserve Fund to the Nictaux & District Volunteer Fire Department in the 2023-24 fiscal year.


Additional Funding Request – East End Servicing Study – East End Advisory Committee has recommended that a servicing study be undertaken on the East End of the Municipality to evaluate the costs and benefits related to expanding sewer and water infrastructure in currently un-serviced areas.  

Municipal Council authorized $97,218 in funding from the County water and sewer reserves for the expanded scope of the East End Servicing Study.


Bridgetown Regional Outdoor Sports Hub (BROSH) – Lease to Annapolis County Outdoor Sports Society (ACOSS) – Municipal Council approved a five-year, renewable lease agreement between Municipality of the County of Annapolis and the ACOSS to oversee the management of the BROSH, with the amendment that requires ACOSS to have Directors and Officers liability insurance.


Nominating Committee – Climate Change Action Plan Review Committee – Municipal Council appointed Maurya Braun, Clifford Drysdale, and Gregory Heming as citizen members of the Climate Change Action Plan Review Committee for a term ending November 30, 2024.

Municipal Council approved the appointment of Councillors Barteaux, Enslow, and Longmire to the Climate Change Action Plan Review Committee.

2023-2028 Capital Investment Plan – Municipal Council approved the adoption of the proposed 2023-2028 Capital Investment Plan.


4-Year Strategic Plan, Vision 2027 – Municipal Council approved a 4-Year Strategic Plan entitled Vision 2027. The Plan can be viewed in its entirety at Priorities.