County Approves 4-Year Strategic Priorities Plan - Vision 2027

Municipal Council has approved their 2023-27, four-year strategic priorities plan entitled Vision 2027.

“This plan is about people and their communities – big and small, east and west, north and south. We want to provide opportunities for the young and young-at-heart, for people of all abilities, but most of all, opportunities which are free of costs and barriers,” said Warden Alex Morrison.

The Plan outlines five areas that Council feels will have the greatest impact on communities.

  • Investing in Housing and Housing Infrastructure
  • Investing in Community Infrastructure
  • Investing in County-Wide Community Facilities
  • Investing in People
  • Investing in Partnerships and Accountability

“Vision 2027 is a start, not an end,” explained Warden Morrison. “There is no question, this plan will require determination and commitment from Council, our residents, and our business community. But, we full-heartedly believe that by investing in our people and our 100+ communities through these 5 priorities, we can establish a strong base for the future growth of Annapolis County.”

People are encouraged to view the Plan at Vision 2027.