Warden's Statement: Million Person March for Kids" Protest - September 20, 2023

“Million Person March for Kids” Protest – September 20th  


It is extremely disappointing to hear about a planned protest representing “Million Person March for Kids” taking place in our community of Bridgetown today.

Of course, every person has the right to voice their opinion and support their own belief in the form of a respectful and peaceful protest; however, if the message reflects fear and hate towards another group of people, it is just wrong. I, along with all members of Council, strongly and unequivocally denounce any words or actions of hate towards other individuals regardless of their beliefs.

Thankfully, we do live in an area where there are people who are diligent in promoting inclusivity, kindness, and acceptance of not only the 2STLGBTQ+ community, but everyone. This is the kind of continuous positivity and encouraging messaging of inclusion that is appreciated, valued, and needed.



Alex Morrison