Bear River's New Water System Project Underway

Municipal Council is pleased to share that the planning and development of Bear River’s new water system is underway.

In July, Council voted unanimously to approve the funding needed to start the process for this long-awaited project.

“It is wonderful to see that there is movement in the community of Bear River as the new water system starts to come to fruition,” said Annapolis County Warden Alex Morrison. “Providing safe water to the businesses and residents of Bear River has always been a priority, so after years of discussions it is wonderful to see the work being started.”

In June 2023, the engineering services of CBCL Ltd. were engaged to complete a study of water supply options in Bear River. It was determined an expansion of the existing Hillsborough Water System was the best course of action. The detailed project planning is now ready to proceed.

“Over the last 7 years, we have faced obstacles to progress, which is not uncommon when dealing with so many levels of government and key community partners,” noted Councillor Michael Gunn. “However, we are fortunate to have a good relationship with our neighbours, Municipality of Digby, who have continually supported us in the goal of bringing potable water to residents and businesses in the 'downtown’ core of Bear River.  I'd like to thank them for their steadfast commitment to the project, and Annapolis County Council who have supported the effort to keep this dire need a priority.”

The total cost for the project is approximately $2.6 million which will involve a series of steps. The first is securing sufficient water supply, which involves enhancing the Hillsborough Water Society’s wells and storage to accommodate the new system.

While the water supply is being developed, CBCL Ltd. will design the expanded water distribution network. This involves designs for upgrading the existing network of watermains from 50mm lines to 100mm, including approximately 1.2 kms of new watermain network. As more work design continues and the distribution network is laid out, the system plan will be presented to the public at an information session.

“Although exact dates have not been confirmed, staff will be engaging with municipal engineers, regulatory officials, Bear River First Nations, and community groups as the project continues to move forward,” noted Warden Morrison. “Citizen involvement and input to complete this project is very important to its success.”

Residents can expect to see more presence of municipal staff in and around Bear River over the coming months as this next phase of the project gets underway.