Municipal Council Highlights March 21, 2023

2023-24 Capital Budget – Municipal Council authorized the remaining total capital budget, less $150,000 for software initiative, as presented for a total project cost of $3,298,900 for the County, and $350,000 for the County Water Utility.

Capital Request (Village of Lawrencetown) - Municipal Council approved the release of funds from the Canadian Community-Building Funds to the Village of Lawrencetown; $51,000 from the 2022-23 budget, and $30,200 from the 2023-24 budget.

Letter of Support (Soldier’s Memorial Hospital Emergency Room) – Municipal Council agreed to support the vital community services provided by the emergency room of the Soldier’s Memorial Hospital by authorizing the warden to sign a multi-municipality joint letter that will request help and information from the province.

Letter of Support (Basic Income Guarantee) – Municipal Council agreed to send a letter to the Prime Minister, Cabinet Ministers, and the Premier of Nova Scotia supporting a Basic Income Guarantee.

Letter of Awareness (Melvern Square Community Hall) - Municipal Council agreed to provide a letter of awareness to the Melvern Square Community Centre to accompany their 2023-24 Recreation Facility Development Grant application, noting that no funding has been requested from the municipality for their roof replacement project.

Joint Letter (Causeway) - Municipal Council directed the warden to sign the letter to the Hon. Kim Masland requesting assistance in the maintenance and management of the Granville Ferry Causeway in tandem with a signature from the mayor of the Town of Annapolis Royal.

Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) Delegate Selection – Municipal Council appointed Councillors Gunn and LeBlanc, and Deputy Warden Redden as delegates to attend the 2023 FCM Annual Conference in Toronto, ON; with Councillors Longmire and Barteaux being alternates.

Animal Control (Town of Annapolis Royal and Town of Middleton) - Municipal Council authorized the Warden and Municipal Clerk to sign the renewal of the Animal Control Agreement with the Town of Annapolis Royal and the Town of Middleton for a 2-year term with a 2% cost of living increase each year on the administration fee.

Emergency Funds for Fire Departments – Municipal Council approved an increase of 5% for each fire department’s operating funding for the 2022-23 fiscal year.

Annapolis County Comfort Centre (Hurricane Dorian Funding) – Municipal Council approved the issuing of the reimbursement of costs associated with facilities that activated as comfort centres during Hurricane Dorian in September 2019 ($4,230.43) from the current REMO 2022-23 budget.

Medical Recruitment Financial Assistance Program Policy – Municipal Council, in accordance with the Medical Recruitment Financial Assistance Program Policy, approved payment of $20,000 to the Soldiers Memorial Hospital Foundation for the purpose of providing a grant to Dr. Ama Asiedu ($10,000) and Dr. Omorede Osayande ($10,000).

Speed Collection Data – Municipal Council directed staff to provide speed collection data to the RCMP Annapolis Detachment for their use and follow-up action.

Municipal Priorities for RCMP – Municipal Council will provide the following to the RCMP Annapolis Detachment as the Municipality’s priorities for inclusion in their Annual Performance Plan for the 2023-24 fiscal year: 1) Data Led Traffic Enforcement; 2) Property Crimes; and 3) Comprehensive Education.

Appointment of Development Officer - Municipal Council appointed Connor MacQuarrie as a Development Officer for the Municipality of the County of Annapolis to administer the Municipality’s Land Use Bylaws and Subdivision Bylaw.

Community Grants – Municipal Council approved the following community grants:

  • Annapolis Valley Frugal Moms Society - $2000
  • Port George Regional Recreation Centre - $2,400
  • Granville Ferry Community Association - $2,400
  • Survivors of Abuse Recovering Society - $2,400

Annual Reports - Municipal Council accepted the following annual reports:

  • Juniper House
  • Annapolis Valley Historical Society – Macdonald Museum
  • Special Olympics, Annapolis
  • Bear River Economic Development Society

Public Meeting (Park Trust (7 Park Street, Bridgetown) - The purpose of the public meeting was to permit members of the public to make their views known to Council, via oral or written submissions, concerning the termination of a land trust dated December 13, 1887, that declared that the present 7 Park Street, Bridgetown, lands were to be used for the “purposes of a public park for the citizens of Bridgetown for their use forever." Three written submissions (read aloud) and one oral were received from the public.

After discussion and consideration, Municipal Council agreed to instruct the municipal solicitor to make application to the Court to terminate the trust.