Warden and Council Announce New CAO

Warden Alex Morrison and Council are pleased to announce the appointment of Chris McNeill as Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) for the Municipality of the County of Annapolis.

Mr. McNeill was selected after a thorough recruitment and interview process, and brings with him 30 years of municipal and provincial government experience.

Mr. McNeill will be coming to the County from the Region of Queens Municipality where he has been CAO for the past five years, and preceding this, as the CAO for the District of Shelburne. He has also previously held the position of a Municipal Advisor with the Nova Scotia Department of Municipal Affairs providing leadership and advice to more than two thirds of Nova Scotia’s municipalities in areas of governance, finance, and administration. Mr. McNeill holds an undergraduate degree from Acadia University, and a Master of Public Administration degree from Dalhousie University.

Warden Morrison believes the new CAO will contribute to the further growth of Annapolis County. “The role of CAO is a multi-faceted position that requires an array of skills, talents and abilities needed to administer a successful municipality,” he noted. “Mr. McNeill demonstrates a solid understanding of local government in Nova Scotia, and understands the importance of partnerships with citizens, local business and senior governments to ensure the wellbeing of the residents of Annapolis County. He is a thoughtful, responsible person who will be able to work well with our Council and provide strong leadership to our staff.”

As new CAO, McNeill will be taking over from Interim CAO Doug Patterson. “Council would like to acknowledge the significant contribution Mr. Patterson brought to the CAO position in the interim. His support of staff and his dedication to maintain the daily operations of the municipality were valued and appreciated during this time of transition.”

Mr. McNeill is expected to commence his role as County of Annapolis’s CAO in the coming weeks.