Bridgetown's Queen Street Makeover is Complete; Street Reopens to Traffic

Bridgetown’s Queen Street $1.8 million makeover is complete. 

The renovation project that commenced in the spring, was carried out between the intersection of Queen Street/Granville Street and Queen Street/Centennial Drive at a length of 172 meters. It was funded by federal, provincial and municipal monies.

“This project was an enormous undertaking that saw substantial improvements made to Queen Street; improvements that will last long into the future," said Annapolis County Warden Alan Parish. “The Bridgetown community can be proud of the enhanced function, accessibility and appearance the street now offers."

The project entailed:

  • Replacement and upgrade to water system
  • Improved fire protection through fire hydrants along Queen St.
  • Replaced the old combined sewage collection system with a separate sewage and storm water system to improve the waste water treatment plant operation
  • Removal of unexpected source of contamination from the street (old fuel tank) and remediated the area
  • Replacement of sidewalks to meet the accessibility needs of the community
  • Six additional street lights to improve visibility and safety
  • Advertising banner brackets for community usage and promotion of community events

“We appreciate that there were some disruptions during the project’s implementation but I feel the long-term benefits and overall improvements that have come to fruition far outweigh these inconveniences. The results truly speak for themselves,” said Warden Parish.

“Everyone is to be congratulated for this tremendous accomplishment, and a huge thank you goes out to residents and business owners for their patience and understanding during the project’s completion.”