2016-11-01_Warden and Deputy Warden

For immediate release

Annapolis County, November 1, 2016At a special session of Municipal Council, Municipal Councillors for 2016-2020 were sworn in as follows: District 2, John A MacDonald; District 3 Wayne Fowler; District 4 Burt McNeil; District 5 Gregory Heming; District 6 Alex Morrison; District 7 Timothy Habinski; District 8 Michael J Gunn; District 9 Wendy Sheridan, District 10 Martha Roberts; and District 11 Diane LeBlanc. District 1 Councillor Marilyn Wilkins will be sworn-in at a future meeting.

The Warden and Deputy Warden were elected by their peers at the same meeting. Please welcome Warden Timothy Habinski and Deputy Warden Martha Roberts, who will serve in these positions for the next two years, ending November 30, 2018.

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