Update on Water Supply – Community of Bridgetown August 2016

  • The County has retested the community water and although marginally above the limit of 20, from 20.1 to 19.2 micro grams per litre (ug/l) or parts per million. Although this is a slight exceedance, it is considered safe to drink by the provincial Medical Officer of Health. Test results were forwarded to Nova Scotia Environment and after their review they will not be issuing an advisory based on the low risk the test results presented. The County will continue to work with Nova Scotia Environment and our consulting team to draft a plan as to how we intend to address the elevated levels of Uranium in the long term. The County will update the residents through our web site, social media and local radio media as additional information becomes known. 
  • The County regrets any inconvenience this has caused the residents of Bridgetown
For more info: Stephen McInnis, Director of Municipal Operations 902-840-1082