Committee of the Whole Highlights: March 8, 2016

This document represents highlights taken from the March 8, 2016, Committee of the Whole (COTW) meeting.
Please be advised, the items featured in this document are only recommendations to Municipal Council. Final approval will not be determined until Municipal Council on March 15, 2016.

·      Warden Ritchie opened the meeting recognizing International Women’s Day.

·      An increase to the 2016-17 sewer charge of $58.51 per year to accommodate the transfer to the sewer Capital Replacement Reserve will be recommended to Municipal Council for approval.

·      Approval will be recommended for the grant request from the Bridgetown Royal Canadian Legion, Branch #33, in the amount of $2,400 be approved, as well as  the grant request from Family Matters in the amount of $2,000 be approved.

·      It was recommended that Municipal Council initiate the road naming process to name the new street in Bridgetown that will provide legal access to the new P-12 school.

·      The name “Nature Lane” for the road providing access to newly created lots on Lake Pleasant in Springfield will be forwarded to Municipal Council for approval.

·      Bear River Board of Trade requested a letter of Support be provided in regards to an application sent to TreeCanada: Edible Trees. It was recommended this request be approved.

·      Yvonne Smith, CEO Southwest YMCA, presented Council with the third quarter financials for Fundy YMCA. She reported membership numbers are strong and programs are going well.

·      Gene Hay and Katie McLean from the Annapolis Basin Community Band provided Council with an overview of the Band and its importance to the community. They asked for support regarding a recent grant application submitted to the County.

·      Heather LeBlanc of Age Advantage Association presented to Council an overview of the Association. They have requested – 1) a letter confirming a partnership with the Age Advantage Association; and 2) a letter of support regarding a recent funding application to the Department of Nova Scotia Seniors Age-Friendly Community Grant Program.  It is recommended these requests be approved.

·      Heather Leeman and Kirk Longmire of Annapolis Valley Chamber of Commerce, provided a marketing update in support of the AVCC’s request of $10,000.

·      It was recommended that motion 20160216.12 remove the words “subject to confirmation of other sources of funding received” to Cornwallis Community Gardens funding request of $3,200.

·      Lawrencetown Youth Arena submitted a grant application in the amount of $15,930 for repairs. It was recommended that Municipal Council approve this request.

·      It was recommend that the Municipality of the County of Annapolis on behalf of the Annapolis County Water Utility apply to the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board for changes in its rates for water and water service, fire protection, to the Municipality of the County of Annapolis, and changes to its rules and regulations for customers served by the utility, as set out in a water rate study that was conducted.

·      It was recommended that Municipal Council authorize the Warden and Clerk to sign an acquisition and disposal of properties agreement drawn up by NS Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal (TIR) as follows: TIR will acquire a portion of County-owned school bus garage property and two portions of County-owned Faye Road properties, in exchange the Municipality acquire a portion of the existing Bridgetown Regional High School property from TIR.