Council Highlights: February 16, 2016

February 16, 2016

The February 16th Municipal Council meeting was held at the Inglenook Community Hall, Inglewood (Bridgetown), in recognition of African Heritage Month.

·      Municipal Council approved a grant in the amount of $3,307.33 to the Cornwallis Community Garden Association subject to receipt of confirmation from other sources of funding.

·      Municipal Council approved the amendment to the Low Income Tax Exemption Policy increasing the exemption amount to $175 (formerly $170) and increasing the income criteria to $20,500 (formerly $20,000).  

·      A letter of support will be provided to the Historic Gardens to encourage the Department of Agriculture to place the Gardens at the top of their priority list regarding dyke maintenance.

·      Municipal Council will have staff initiate the road naming process to name the road currently providing access to newly created lots on Lake Pleasant in Springfield. 

Presentations:  Annual reports were provided by community organizations.

Proclamations: Proclaimed by Town Crier Peter Davies

·         National Flag of Canada Day

·         Nova Scotia Heritage Day – Joseph Howe

·         African Heritage Month -  The Black Battalion: Legacy of Commitment: They Fought to Fight                          


·         Hon. Stephen McNeil, NS Premier

·         Mr. Colin Fraser, MP West Nova (Mr. Jason Deveau, Executive Asst. on his behalf)

·         Hon. Tony Ince, Minister, Communities, Culture & Heritage and African Nova Scotian Affairs

·         Pat Power, Deputy Mayor, Town of Annapolis Royal

·         Gail Smith, Councillor, Town of Middleton

·         Lavinia Parrish Zwicker, Annapolis Valley Regional School Board (AVRSB),  Chair

·         Peter Cromwell, African Nova Scotian Representative, AVRSB

·         Geraldine Browning, Chair, Valley African Nova Scotia Development Assoc. (VANSDA)

·         Ms. Darlene Thomas, Bridgetown Regional High School Vice Principal (students – Hailey Saunders, Student Council President and Jonathon Saunders, Vice President).

·         Mr. Jim Gushue, Middleton Regional High School Principal (student  - Student Council President Matthew Smith)

Please be advised, this document represents only highlights taken from the Municipal Council session. If you wish to see the Council session in its entirety, it will be posted to the Annapolis County Municipal Channel (