Committee of the Whole Highlights: February 8, 2016

This document represents highlights taken from the February 8, 2016, Committee of the Whole (COTW) meeting.
Please be advised, the items featured in this document are only recommendations to Municipal Council. Final approval will not be determined until Municipal Council on February 16, 2016.

Please note: The February Municipal Council meeting will be held at the Inglenook Community Hall (246 Bay Rd, Bridgetown) in recognition of African Heritage Month. Date of meeting is Tuesday, February 16th, 10 am. Everyone welcome.

·      It has been recommended that Municipal Council approve a grant in the amount of $3,307.33 to the Cornwallis Community Garden Association subject to receipt of confirmation from other sources of funding.

·      It was recommended that Municipal Council amend the Low Income Tax Exemption Policy to increase the exemption amount to $175 (formerly $170) and to increase the income criteria to $20,500 (formerly $20,000).

·      It was recommended that a letter of support be provided to the Historic Gardens to encourage the Department of Agriculture to place the Gardens at the top of their priority list regarding dyke maintenance.

·      Municipal Clerk Carolyn Young provided an information update on the October 2016 municipal election. Information is available at [Government] [Municipal Elections].

·      It was recommended that Municipal Council initiate the road naming process to name the road currently providing access to newly created lots on Lake Pleasant in Springfield.  

·      Staff will contact the Annapolis County Trails Society regarding concerns brought forth by residents involving the safety of the Bridgetown rail bridge.

·      Councillor Hurlburt noted residents have voiced concerns about derelict vehicles located near creeks (potential leakage). It was determined residents can notify Protective Services (Derelict Vehicle Program).


·      Floating Dock at Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Park, Bridgetown – Murray Freeman and Steve Campbell representatives from Interested Citizens, presented to Council a project involving a seasonal floating dock installed at Jubilee Park. They requested a financial contribution of $10,000 towards the project. This request will be forwarded to staff to incorporate into the budget process for consideration.

·      Annapolis Visitor Information Centre (VIC) – Annapolis District Board of Trade president Bill MacDonald provided Council with an update of the VIC’s operations last season and requested funding of $3,000, as provided last year, to accommodate the increase of visitors to the VIC. This request will be forwarded to staff to incorporate into the budget process for consideration.

·      Kings Transit – Stephen Foster, Manager, provided a Kings Transit update to Council, including the proposed 2016-17 Operational Budget.

·      Town Criers Lloyd Smith and Gary Long informed Council of their plans to bring a Town Crier Competition to the Annapolis Valley, and spoke of the economic spin-offs it would create. They have requested $3,000 in funding. This request will be forwarded to staff to incorporate into the budget process for consideration.