Committee of the Whole Highlights: January 12, 2016

This document represents highlights taken from the January 12, 2016, Committee of the Whole (COTW) meeting.
Please be advised, the items featured in this document are only recommendations to Municipal Council. Final approval will not be determined until Municipal Council on January 19, 2016.

·      An invitation from the Inglewood Community Club was accepted to hold the February Municipal Council meeting at the Inglenook Community Hall (246 Bay Rd., Inglewood) in recognition of African Heritage Month. The meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 16th, commencing at 10 am.

·      It was recommended Municipal Council approve a grant in the amount of $2,000 to the Cornwallis Military Museum Association.

·      It was recommended Municipal Council approve a 50% cost share on the renovation to the Lawrencetown Provincial Land Titles office to a maximum contribution of $34,468.90 from Operating Reserve.

·      Bridgetown Water Utility – It was recommended Municipal Council approve writing-off a total of $1,560.74 in interest charges and water receivables.

·      It was recommended that Municipal Council work collaboratively with the Annapolis Royal Wharf Association to develop the proposed Annapolis River Basin Waterfront Development.

·      Trudy LeBlanc, Property Valuation Services Corporation (PVSC) Sr. Advisor Municipal Client Relations, made a presentation to Council about Property Valuation Services Corporation, including their project Farm & Forest Exempt Property Review.

·      Municipal staff Cody Joudry, Manager of Economic Development, and Cheryl Mackintosh, GIS Technician, provided a community mapping update.

·      Cody Joudry, Manager of Economic Development, reported that the first topic of the “Good Ideas Talk” will be related to agriculture. He confirmed the event will take place March 4th – 5th. More details will be provided as they become available.