Media Release: County and the Bear River Board of Trade Sign Agreement Bringing Community One Step Closer to A Community Garden

On January 8th, an agreement was signed between the County and the Bear River Board of Trade (BRBT), paving the way towards a sustainable community garden and greenhouse.

In 2012, the Municipality decommissioned the Bear River Sewage Treatment Plant. At that time, no future Municipal use of the property was identified and it was eventually scheduled for demolition. Prior to demolition, a request from a community member was brought to Council proposing that the glass structure be repurposed to a community greenhouse and an educational hub. Although the original project request did not proceed members of the BRBT decided to take on the initiative in the hopes of carrying the spirit of the project forward. They prepared a proposal and brought it to Council for consideration.

After a Public Hearing on December 15, 2015, Municipal Council unanimously voted to proceed with the project.

“We are very pleased to see members of the Bear River Board of Trade move forward with this initiative,” said Warden Reg Ritchie. “We had this tremendous resource (greenhouse) sitting empty, not being utilized. Now, a community garden is in the works. It will create a wonderful meeting place for community members to socialize while learning about growing healthy, affordable food.”

“It is also a perfect fit with our economic development target which supports and fosterslocal agriculture and encourages local food independence. It’s a win-win project and we’re happy to be part of it.”

BRBT representatives Carol Dibble (retired Bear River Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator) and Kris Murdoch, pointed out that this was an opportunity to utilize the greenhouse for a positive community purpose. They also noted that all participants would be required to volunteer their time to maintain the exterior of the property surrounding the greenhouse adding to the sustainability of the project.

It is the goal of the BRBT to start the greenhouse project by this spring.

Photo: From left (Bear River Board of Trade), Larry Knox, Chair; Kris Murdoch, member and Carol Dibble member; (County of Annapolis) John Ferguson, CAO; Warden Reg Ritchie and Carolyn Young, Municipal Clerk.

Signing agreement small