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Municipal Council
     Accessibility Advisory Committee,
     Application-All Committees,
     Citizen Appointments to Boards and Committees,
     Committee of the Whole Meetings,
     Committee Board and Regional
       Organization Appointments,
     Council Meetings,
     Council Minutes

Municipal Districts
      Municipal District Map of the County of Annapolis

Council Directory
     Councillor's Photos and Contact Information

Staff Directory
     A list of Municipal Staff and their contact information

     County Budget Information

Municipal Elections
     Municipal Election Information

Municipal Bylaws

   County of Annapolis Policies

Area Advisory Committees
     Area Advisory Committees
General Information
     Municipal Offices & Hours of Operation,
     Municipal Government Description,
     Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIPOP)

News and Media Releases
     News and Media Releases

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     County News Letter,
     REMO-Regional Emergency Management Organization,
     Water System - Bridgetown, 
     Water System - Cornwallis Park,
     Water System - Granville Ferry,
     Water System - Margaretsville,
     Waste Water Treatment System - Bridgetown,
     Waste Water Treatment System - Cornwallis,
     Waste Water Treatment System- Nictaux,
     Municipal Office Closures,
     Municipal Elections

Regional Emergency Management Organization
     Emergency Numbers
     After hours Resources
     NS Power Outage Map
     Road Conditions

Surplus Government Equipment
     Any County assets deemed surplus will be posted
       on Gov Deals

     Current tenders, quotes, and requests for proposals