County of Annapolis recruits CAO

Municipality of the County of Annapolis recruits CAO

The Council of the Municipality of the County of Annapolis is pleased to announce that Mr. David Dick, CPA, CA., is their new Chief Administrative Officer.  Mr. Dick is an experienced administrator having served as CAO, as Director of Corporate Services, Director of Planning & Director of Building, and, has had responsibility for Social Housing and Social Services. His career spanned approximately 20 years in various cities and towns including the City of Miramichi, Town of Cornwall and City of Brockville. Most recently he served as the Director of Corporate Services in the City of Brockville. 

Mr. Dick started his career working as an auditor for a Financial Audit Company. He is a Chartered Professional Accountant and Chartered Accountant (CPA/CA) by profession and a good leader.

Mr. Dick has a five year contract with the County of Annapolis and will begin his duties on or before 30 April 2021. He will be quarantining for the requisite 14 days before he starts his job. 

He recently prepared a series of policies and by-laws for adoption by the council he served which addressed taxpayers’ concerns to ensure transparency and accountability. He has served on several boards including as a Director with Municipal Finance Officers of Ontario.

His greatest strengths are his professionalism, his objectivity and his forthrightness.  A straight shooter and a person of integrity, Mr. Dick steered his councils and teams on a path of fiscal responsibility and we look forward to stability and his advice in guiding Council in a fiscally sound direction for this community.

“The council and staff of the County of Annapolis look forward to Mr. Dick’s contribution to our service for our residents” says Alan Parish

Warden Alan Parish

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