Electronic Voting

Introducing Electronic Voting for the 2020 Municipal Election

*Electronic Voting from home or anywhere is now open until 7:00pm on October 17, 2020*

 The municipality of the County Of Annapolis is very proud and pleased to be able to offer Electronic Voting in the upcoming municipal election on October 17 2020.

What does this mean? It means that you will be able to vote from home or almost anywhere using a touch-tone phone including a phone with a home land line. Or you can use any computer or smart phone device with an internet service.

Best of all, voting will take place over a several-day period leading up to and including October 17 where all voters will have 24/7 access to the electronic system. Voting will close at 7 PM on October 17.  No more driving to polling stations if you prefer not to. No more line ups! Now voting is truly Fast! Safe! Easy!

 How does it work?

On a touch-tone phone you would simply select from a menu to choose the person you wish to vote for. The system will audibly read a list of candidate names and ask you to select a number to choose the candidate you wish to vote for eg. Press 1 for this candidate or press 2 for another etc. Via any internet enabled device you will be able to see a screen with a table of candidate names and you can “click” to select the one you wish to vote for. Both the telephone and internet tools then provide you with an interim confirmation of the name you are choosing to double check we have the right selection. You can then confirm or go back to select a different person. Once you have submitted your final vote you will receive a clear confirmation that your vote has been completed!

And best of all, this can take place in just a few minutes from your home or anywhere else you have access to a touch tone phone or internet enabled device. No more driving to the polling station. No lineups. It’s Fast, Safe, Easy!

 How will I obtain access to the new electronic tools?

Each elector should now have their 2020 Voter Information Letter, with all the voting instructions. 

What if I need help?

Our voter help line is now open. Call 1-833-393-0255 if you did not receive a personal voter letter or need information or help.
The voter help line is open Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm (excluding the Thanksgiving holiday) and on October 17 from 8:00am to 7:00pm.

 CLICK HERE for a video demonstration on how electronic voting works

Electronic Voting Q & A

 Q: Do I need a computer or internet to be able to vote?

A: You can use a land line touch tone phone or cell phone and dial a toll free number we will provide.

Q: Why did the municipality do this now? Was it just related to COVID-19 concerns?

A: Part of the reasoning was certainly based on public safety related to COVID-19 since electronic voting allows people to vote without the need to attend a public, in person voting poll. However, a significant part of the reason was the quality of service and ease offered by electronic voting.

Q: Is this new? How do we know it works?

A: Electronic voting for municipal elections is not new to Nova Scotia. In fact approximately 65% of Nova Scotia municipal voters had access to electronic voting in 2016. Electronic voting has been used in Nova Scotia since 2008.

Q: How secure is electronic voting?

A: In order to vote you will require a personal PIN number that will be mailed to you and for added security you will also be required to enter your date of birth for verification.

Q: I thought people had to vote in person and show personal identification?

A: No. You are not required to show identification to vote, a person can even request to be added to the voter list without a need for identification

Q: But I like to vote in person!

A: we are committed to offering great service and a great voter experience to any person who wishes to come into a physical poll location and receive help to vote using an electronic voter kiosk.

Q: will this cost the municipality and subsequently tax payers more money?

A: No our expectation is that this will lower long term costs of operating elections while increasing the ease and overall quality of service.

Q: Will you still need poll workers and run in-person voting?

A: Yes. The contributions of people in our community who support elections by working at polls will always be invaluable! An electronic poll creates opportunities for this to be an even more comfortable and rewarding experience.

Please check the municipal elections web page frequently for more updates.


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