Boundary Review and Governance

Boundary Review (how many districts) and Governance (who leads Council)

Municipalities have to do a boundary review every eight years. 2022 is the year for the review before the 2024 municipal election.

Municipal Council has looked at several options and would like to have your input. This survey is one way we can hear from you.

Council has also discussed their system of governance – who is the leader of council. Right now council uses the Warden system. Council wants to know if you would like that changed to a Mayor system. Once a change is made, council can’t change back. Remember that an odd number of votes allows for clear majority as a tie vote is a lost motion.

What is the difference?

Warden System

  • The Warden is an elected councillor (representing a district) and is elected by all the other councillors to be the head of the council
  • Is the Warden until the four-year term ends or for less time if there is a policy. The County of Annapolis has a policy that says councillors elect the Warden every two years.
  • Is chosen by fellow councillors at the first meeting of council after an election or at the end of two years
  • May be removed as Warden by council
  • Continues to be the councillor for the district that elected them even if they stop being warden

Mayor System

  • A Mayor is elected by the citizens to be the head of the council
  • Is Mayor until the four-year term ends (cannot be changed by policy)
  • Is elected directly by all eligible voters
  • Cannot be removed as Mayor by a vote of council
  • Does not represent a district 

Your choice of Warden or Mayor will give you different boundary options. Click here to see the maps showing the three general boundary options if you choose Warden, and the three general boundary options if you choose Mayor. Click the survey link on the map page to complete the survey. After receiving your feedback through the survey, council will choose an option to be submitted for approval, and that specific map will have additional specific revisions. 

We thank you for your time and value your input which Municipal Council will consider before they make a final decision.

To view your options and take the survey  Click here