2014-09-17_Special Council

In accordance with AM-1.2.0 Council Meetings Policy, a special meeting of Council was called by the Municipal Clerk for Municipal Council to make a decision on Basinview Centre at 3:40 p.m., September 17, 2014, in the Municipal Administration Building, Annapolis Royal.

Present:          Warden Reg Ritchie, Deputy Warden Wilkins; Councillors: Brian ‘Fuzzy’ Connell, Wayne Fowler, Paul McDonald, Gregory Heming, Alex Morrison, Timothy Habinski, Frank Chipman, Martha Roberts, and Diane LeBlanc.


Present:          CAO John Ferguson, Municipal Clerk Carolyn Young, and other staff.

It was noted that the Warden is, and must be, the only spokesperson for the County.

New Business

Re: Basinview Centre

MOTION 140916.01              Basinview Centre Status

It was moved by Councillor Roberts, seconded by Councillor Morrison, to keep the Basinview Centre open. Motion carried, 9 in favour, 2 against (Fowler)

Re: RFD - Basinview Bio-fuel/Grass Pellet Project

MOTION 140916.02              Bio-fuel – Grass Pellet Budget

Deputy Warden Wilkins moved, seconded by Councillor Heming, that Municipal Council approve the additional budget allocation of $ 95,479.00 for the Basinview Bio-fuel / Grass Pellet Project. Motion carried 9 in favour, 2 against (Fowler, Chipman).

Re: Energy Efficiency Priorities - Regarding a priority list, the CAO referenced information circulated earlier at the workshop entitled Basinview Energy Reduction Projects which outlined the priorities, i.e. – Lighting and Energy Control Management (ECM)/mini-split. The ECM would help manage the down-time hours of the building. Mini-split will help identify issues.

MOTION 140916.03              Lighting, Energy Control Management (ECM) / Mini-Split Priorities

It was moved by Deputy Warden Wilkins, seconded by Councillor Habinski, that Lighting, and Energy Control Management (ECM) / Mini-Split be priorities, and that heat reclamation project information be brought back to council. Motion carried unanimously.

It was the consensus of those present that the CAO be requested to monitor the energy use now and after the grocery store closes at the Basinview Centre.

Councillor Heming moved, seconded by Councillor Morrison, that the CAO issue a Request for Proposals to see if there are interested parties to occupy the Basinview Centre. Motion carried unanimously.


Upon motion of Councillors Fowler and Chipman, the meeting adjourned at 4:10 p.m.



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