2014-07-25_Special Council


Minutes of a Special Session of Municipal Council held on July 25, 2014 at the Municipal Administration Building, Annapolis Royal, N.S., at 11:00 a.m.

Present:         Warden Ritchie; Deputy Warden Wilkins; Councillors: Wayne Fowler; Paul McDonald; Gregory Heming; Alex Morrison; Timothy Habinski; Frank Chipman; Martha Roberts, and Diane LeBlanc

Absent:         Councillor Brian “Fuzzy” Connell


Present:         CAO John Ferguson, Senior Administrative Assistant Wanda Atwell, other staff   and seven members of the public.

The Warden remarked that he and Councillor Fowler attended the Inglewood Homecoming celebrations earlier this morning where he welcomed participants and presented a small cheque on behalf of the Municipality.

He noted he had received a poster and four passes to the Port George Country Jamboree taking place this weekend. Anyone wishing to take part may get a pass from him.


Re: Upper Clements Parks

David Brown, Board Chairman, Upper Clements Parks, gave a presentation regarding a project that includes major infrastructure enhancements and greater marketing, which would help to reduce yearly capital requirements and target more visitors to the area. They have a conditional commitment from ACOA, subject to ministerial approval, for funding of up to 60 per cent to a total of $250,000 on a $500,000 project, and are looking to partner with the Province and the Municipality. The request to the County is $50,000 – 10 per cent of the project.

He provided a list of infrastructure requirements for 2014 to 2016, noting $1m to $2m could easily be spent each year at both parks. Since 2007 approximately $2,500,000 has been spent on infrastructure and capital work. The Parks spend $100,000 to $150,000 per year on capital improvements, not including regular maintenance and repairs. They sustained a $15-$20,000 loss as a result of post tropical storm Arthur. 60 building are maintained, and employment is provided for 150-175 people.

Councillor Heming asked that the record reflect that a grant application has been completed and submitted as requested.

It was moved by Councillor Heming, seconded by Councillor Morrison, that Council approve the grant application as presented and that a letter be sent to Upper Clements Parks Society to confirm a commitment of 50,000 to the project pending the participation of the other partners.   Motion carried unanimously.

Re: Annapolis County Economic Development Strategy – Review Initial Targets

The CAO explained the purpose of the meeting, noting Council will be asked to determine the economic targets by priority and category (administration, political, policy), and that no suggestions/topics will be lost. The Manager of IT and Economic Development was asked to lead the meeting discussion.

The initial five targets determined by the Economic Development Committee were: 80% of the food consumed in Annapolis County is produced in Annapolis County; 80% of the energy consumed in Annapolis County is produced in Annapolis County; efficient, quality housing is available to all residents at an annual cost of no more than 25% of minimum wage; residents of Annapolis County will have access to affordable training in progressive vocational, innovative business, and living skills; and reduce, remediate and manage contamination of Annapolis County land, air and water (environment).


Councillor Roberts moved, seconded by Councillor Fowler, to adjourn for lunch at 12:00 p.m., with all Councillors returning at 12:30 p.m.

Re: Annapolis County Economic Development Strategy – Review Additional Public Input - Discussion ensued around the table with Councillor’s expressing their views on the weighted targets of local energy sustainability; local food sustainability; affordable quality housing; affordable vocational training; clean environmental contamination; and business development.


Upon consensus a brief recess was held from 2:10 p.m. until 2:20 p.m.

Re: Annapolis County Economic Development Strategy – Review Additional Public Input (continued) – Councillors discussed the weighted targets of attract/retain people; sustainable and viable communities; and infrastructure.

Re: Annapolis County Economic Development Strategy – Determine Target Priorities

To determine Council’s target priorities, Councillors were given $1,800 dollars in monopoly money and were asked to place their money in the jars (labeled by weighted target name) based on their priorities or what they felt was most important.

While the totals were being determined, the CAO asked for any comments from the public.

Hague Vaughn, 3997 Granville Road – (1) much of the depth and meaning of the original five goals was lost through simplification, e.g. “clean environmental contamination” fails almost entirely to capture the original “reduce, remediate and manage contamination of Annapolis County land, air and water”. The original goals should be added to the report and interpretation of public comments should recognize the bias introduced; (2) similarly “vocational training” fails to capture “affordable training in progressive vocational, innovative business and living skills” particularly when training is needed in order to ensure continuing prosperity through the adaptation of natural resource industries to the effects of changing climate; (3) outdoor recreation as a source of development, income and jobs should receive attention; (4) the almost complete lack of consideration of the effects of climate change is disturbing since it can be expected to undermine any priorities or actions initiated in its absence. Mr. Vaughn recommended that Council listen to the Vinyl Café on CBC Radio One on Sunday morning, in particular Stuart McLean’s introduction which describes what it is to be a resident of Annapolis County.

The following were determined as the County’s target priorities: (1) Business Development; (2) Sustainable and Viable Communities; (3) Local Energy; (4) Affordable Quality Housing; (5) Local Food Sustainability; (6) Infrastructure; (7) Affordable Vocational Training; (8) Clean Environmental Contamination; (9) Attract/Retain People. No money was placed in the “Other” jar.

Council’s targeted priorities will be reviewed by the Economic Development committee.

Councillor Morrison thanked Mr. Joudry and his staff for their hard work leading to the development of this report. In addition, Councillor Morrison also thanked Councillor Heming and the Economic Development Committee for the hard work leading up to this review.


Upon motion of Councillor McDonald, seconded by Councillor Fowler, the meeting adjourned at 3:30 p.m.

Warden                                                                                  Municipal Clerk


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