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Minutes of a Public Hearing conducted by Municipal Council of the Municipality of the County of Annapolis on July 15, 2014, in the Municipal Administration Building, Annapolis Royal, N.S., at 11:00 a.m.

Present:          Warden Reg Ritchie, Deputy Warden Wilkins; Councillors: Wayne Fowler, Brian ‘Fuzzy’ Connell, Paul McDonald, Gregory Heming, Alex Morrison, Timothy Habinski, Frank Chipman, Martha Roberts, and Diane LeBlanc.


Present:          CAO John Ferguson, Municipal Clerk Carolyn Young, and other staff; Church Trustee Avery Jackson, and Marlene Sproule.

Purpose of Public Hearing

The Warden explained that in accordance with Section 15 of the Nova Scotia Heritage Property Act, before Municipal Council agrees to include a property into the Annapolis County Municipal Registry of Heritage Properties, a public hearing is held where the property owner/representative is given the opportunity to ask questions of Council regarding the heritage registration.

Council also uses this time to explain what heritage registration means and to ensure that the property owner is aware of and in complete agreement with the registration of their property as a municipal heritage property.

Re: Application by Clarence United Baptist Church Property for Registration as Municipal Heritage Property


  • Presentation by Director of Planning and Protective Services
  1. n terms of evaluation, the Clarence United Baptist Church property rates a Category 1 designation, scoring in this category denotes the property rates: “a priority in the registration process”. The entire Clarence United Baptist Church property, identified as PID 05064589, AAN 04713184, and civic number 2569 Clarence Road, Central Clarence, is recommended to be included in the Annapolis County Registry of Heritage Properties.
  • What is Heritage registration?

Deputy Warden Wilkins, Chair of the Heritage Advisory Committee, reviewed the legal process for registration, which is enabled by the provincial Heritage Property Act.

Input from the Property Owner – Mr. Jackson asked about the process for replacing windows, etc. The application process for any alterations was explained.


In accordance with the motion of Councillors Connell and Roberts, the Public Hearing adjourned at 11:05 a.m.


Warden                                                                                             Municipal Clerk


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