2015-09-15_Council Agenda (indexed for video)


10:00 a.m.   1.ADDITIONS/DELETIONS (added to end of Agenda) (skip to video) and (skip to video)

2.     APPROVAL of the AGENDA (skip to video)

3.     MINUTES (skip to video)

A.     RegularSession,August 18,2015

B.      Special Session, September 8, 2015

4.     IN-CAMERA (skip to video) and (skip to video)

In accordance with Section 22(2)(g) of the Municipal Government Act

5. BUSINESS ARISING from the MINUTES (skip to video)
A.     Bridgetown Parking Lot Redevelopment (August 18th) – see attached correspondence from the Bridgetown Lion’s Club (September 7th)

6.     MUNICIPAL SOLICITOR'S REPORT (skip to video)

Municipal Solicitor,W. Bruce Gillis

A.     August Monthly Report

7.     COUNCILLOR'S COMMENTS (skip to video)

Round Table

8. NEW BUSINESS (skip to video)

9.     REPORTS and RECOMMENDATIONS (skip to video)

A.     Committee of the Whole (September 8th)

i.        East Dalhousie Road (0567) Renaming of Sections 001 & 002

ii.      Wilmot community Centre Society – Grant

iii.    Port Lorne Community Centre Association – Grant

iv.     King’s Theatre Society – Grant

v.       Bridgetown Curling Club – Grant

vi.     ATM Lease Agreement (Direct Cash) Basinview Centre

vii.   Margaretsville Source Water Protection Plan

viii.    AM-1.2.4 Policy Respecting Coat of Arms, Flag & Logos – Amend (see attached)

10. CORRESPONDENCE (skip to video)
A. NS Municipal Affairs (August 21st)

 11:00a.m.                PUBLIC HEARING (skip to video)

                                   (see separate agenda)

12:00 p.m.               LUNCH

1:30 p.m.            11. ADDITIONS

                           A.  Duck Unlimited (skip to video)
                                    B.  36 Queen St., Bridgetown  (skip to video)
                                    C.  Registered Heritage Property (Granville Ferry) (skip to video)
                                     D.  Basinview Centre (skip to video)
                                     E.   PID 05047840 (skip to video)

p.m.           12.     ADJOURNMENT**


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