2014-02-18_Council_Agenda (indexed for video)



10:00 a.m.


  1. Opening remarks from Warden (skip to video)
  2. Introduction of Council (skip to video)
  3. MINUTES (skip to video)
    1. Regular Session – January 21, 2014
  4. ADDITIONS/DELETIONS (added under Reports and Recommendations(skip to video)
  5. Councillor’s Comments (skip to video)

Round Table


  1. REPORTS and RECOMMENDATIONS (skip to video)
    1. Municipal Solicitor 
    2. Committee of the Whole (February 17th)
    3. PAC Recommendations
    4. COTW Recommendations
    5. Basinview Lease
  2. PROCLAMATIONS/ANTHEMS (skip to video)
    1. National Flag of Canada Day, Singing of O Canada(one verse, see handout)
    2. Heritage Day
    3. African Heritage Month, Singing of Lift Ev’ry Voice(one verse, see handout)
  3. GREETINGS (skip to video)
    1. Member of Parliament, Greg Kerr
    2. NS Premier, Stephen McNeil
    3. Minister, Communities, Culture & Heritage and African Nova Scotian Affairs
    4. Pat Power, DeputyMayor,Town of Annapolis Royal
    5. Horace Hurlburt, Mayor, Town of Bridgetown
    6. Calvin Eddy, Mayor,Town of Middleton
    7. Lavinia Parrish-Zwicker, Chair, AVRSB
    8. Peter Cromwell, ANS Representative, AVRSB (skip to video - arrived later)
    9. Krishinda McBride, Race Relations Coordinator, AVRSB
    10. Geraldine Browning, Chair, VANSDA
  4. ANNUAL REPORTS (Refer to Policy AM-1.3.1 Presentation of Annual Reports) 
    1. Annapolis Basin Conference Centre – Beth Earle, Chief Executive Officer (skip to video)
    2. Annapolis County 4-H Club – Danny Phinney, President (skip to video)
    3. Annapolis County Federation of Agriculture – Lloyd Evans, President (skip to video)
    4. Annapolis Co. Fire Services –Hilliard Ewing, President, Mike Lockett, Vice President (skip to video)
    5. Annapolis Co. Ground Search and Rescue – Kevin Beard, Vice President (skip to video)
      1. Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens – Keith Crysler, Chair, Trish Fry, Manager (skip to video)
      2. Annapolis Detachment, RCMP– S. Sgt John deWinter (skip to video)
      3. Annapolis Valley Exhibition – Rachel Taylor, General Manager (skip to video)
        1. Annapolis Valley Regional Library – Frances Newman, Regional Librarian (skip to video)
        2. Annapolis Valley Regional School Board – Margo Tait, Superintendent (skip to video)
        3. South West Nova Transition House Association (Juniper House) 
        4. L.Special Olympics Annapolis County – Derek Woodbury, Past President (skip to video)
        5. M.Trans County Transportation Society (to be presented in March)
        6. N.Upper Clements Parks (none submitted)
          1. Victorian Order of Nurses (VON) Community Supports – Kathleen Hull, Manager (skip to video)

W. Bruce Gillis (January)

  1. LUNCH
  2. CORRESPONDENCE (skip to video)
    1. Annapolis Royal Nursery School (January 15th)
    2. Canadian Postmasters and Assistants Association (January 24th)
    3. Our Community Our Health (January 24th)
    4. Annapolis Valley Regional School Board (January 29th)
  4. ADJOURNMENT** **Adjournment Pending Agenda Discussion
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