2014-01-21_Council_Agenda (Indexed for video)

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Moment of silence in memory of former Councillor/Mayor for Wolfville Bob Stead (skip to video)

10:00 am   1.  In-Camera (skip to video)

                  In accordance with the section 22(2)(a) of the Municipal Government Act

                 2.  MINUTES (skip to video)

                     A. Regular Session - December 17, 2013

                 3. ADDITIONS/DELETIONS (added to end of Agenda) (skip to video)

                 4. COUNCILLOR'S COMMENTS (skip to video)

                     Round Table

                  5. REPORTS and RECOMMENDATIONS 

                      A. Municipal Solicitor - W. Bruce Gillis (December)    (skip to video)          

                          - Cost Recovery for Demolition/Fire Services (December 19th)

                      B. Committee of the Whole (January 14th) (skip to video)

                           i. Economic Development Community Consultation

                          ii. Economic Community Consultation - Timeframe

                         iii. Strategic Planning Community Consultation

                         iv. Management - Council Retreat

                          v. Adhoc Continuous Roads Committee

                          vi. Appointments to Adhoc Continuous Roads Committee

                         vii. Nictaux/Orchard Drive/Fairview Drive Connector

                        viii. AM- fire Response Service Policy

                         ix. Study and Number of Boundaries of Polling Districts

                          x. Designation Under Fences & Detention of Stray Livestock Act

                         xi. AM 1.4.14 Low Income Tax Exemption Policy

                        xii. Team TNR

                       6.  NEW BUSINESS (skip to video)

                     A. UNSM Fall Conference 2014 Session Topics Request

                        7. CORRESPONDENCE (skip to video)

                     A. Nictaux Baptist Church (December 30th)

                     B. Service Nova Scotia & Municpal Relations (January 8th)

                  8. ADDITIONS 

1. Port Lorne Wharf (skip to video)

2. Annapolis County Fire Services - Training Program (skip to video)

3. Destination Trails (skip to video)

4. Speed Limit Change (skip to video)

5. Annapolis Royal Regional Academy (skip to video)

6. Being Hair Care lease (skip to video)

7. Clarence Rd. purchase (skip to video)

8. Two additions to Committee of the Whole (COTW) recommendations

a. Councillors needed re Volunteer Week (skip to video)

b. COTW date change and Planning Advisory Committee meeting (skip to video)


                  9. PRESENTATION   - took place during in-camera session

                            A. King's Transit Authority, General Manager Stephen Foster

12:30 p.m. 10. ADJOURNMENT ** ** Adjournment Pending Agrenda Discussion

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