2017-02-21 Council Agenda - Inglewood

Municipal Council

10:00 a.m.            1.  ADDITIONS/DELETIONS (added to end of Agenda)

2.         APPROVAL of the AGENDA

3.         MINUTES

A.    Regular Session – January 17, 2017

  1. Councillor’s Comments



A.    Municipal Solicitor

W. Bruce Gillis, Q.C. (January)

B.    Committee of the Whole (February 14th)

i.      Lawrencetown and Area Seniors Association

ii.    Inglisville Community Club

iii.    Ernest Buckler Literary Event Society

iv.   Association of the Friends of the Annapolis Royal Library

v.     Nictaux and District VFD Release of Funds – 2016-17 Fire Capital Reserve

vi.   Port Lorne and District VFD Release of Funds – 2016-17 Fire Capital Reserve

vii.  Middleton Fire Department Release of Funds – 2016-17 Fire Capital Reserve

viii.         Water on Hillside Drive/Alden Hubley Road

ix.   New Street name Meadowvale – Copperwood Court

x.     2017-18 Sewer Charges

xi.   Bear River East Guard Rail

xii.  Bear River Water Solution

xiii.         Maitland Bridge Speed Limit Sign

xiv. Margaretsville Shore Society – Letter of Acknowledgement

xv.  Annapolis County Trails Society – Letter of Acknowledgement

xvi. Lawrencetown Exhibition Youth Arena – Letter of Acknowledgement

xvii.        Nictaux Fire-Ettes – Letter of Support

xviii.      Police Advisory Board –Letters of Welcome

xix. Excuse Meeting Absence

11:00 a.m.             PROCLAMATIONS

A.    National Flag of Canada Day Proclaimed on February 1st - One Verse of O Canada

B.    Nova Scotia Heritage Day Proclaimed on February 1st

C.    African Heritage MonthProclaimed on February 1st - One Verse of Lift Ev’ry Voice


A.    Bill MacDonald, Mayor, Town of Annapolis Royal

B.    Sylvester Atkinson, Mayor, Town of Middleton

C.    Lavinia Parrish-Zwicker, Chair, Annapolis Valley Regional School Board (AVRSB)

D.    Peter Cromwell, African Nova Scotian Representative, AVRSB

E.    Krishinda McBride, Race Relations Cross Cultural Understanding and Human Rights Coordinator, AVRSB

F.    Dr. Geraldine Browning, Chair, Valley African Nova Scotia Development Association (VANSDA)

G.   Darlene Thomas, Principal, Bridgetown Regional High School (along with students Jonathan Saunders, Harley Saunders and staff member Carmelita Johnson)

H.   James Gushue, Principal, Middleton Reginal High School

I.      Jamie Peppard, Principal, Lawrencetown Education Centre

7.      ANNUAL REPORTS (Refer to Policy AM-1.3.1 Presentation of Annual Reports)

A.  Annapolis Basin Conference Centre

B.   Annapolis County 4-H Club – President Danny Phinney

C.  Annapolis County Federation of Agriculture – President Lloyd Evans

D.  Annapolis Co. Fire Services

E.   Annapolis Co. Ground Search and Rescue – Hilton Seymour

F.   Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens – Chair John Mildon; Manager Trish Fry

G.  Annapolis Detachment, RCMP– S. Sgt. Dan MacGillivray

H.  Annapolis Valley Exhibition – General Manager Rachel Taylor

I.    Annapolis Valley Regional Library (to be circulated) – CEO Ann-Marie Mathieu

J.    Annapolis Valley Regional School Board – Superintendent Roberta Kubik

K.  South West Nova Transition House Association (Juniper House)

L.   Special Olympics Annapolis County – Regional Coordinator Melissa Wade

M. Trans County Transportation Society – Chair Phil Milo  

N.    Upper Clements Parks

O.  Victorian Order of Nurses (VON) Community Supports – Coordinator Ali Morse

A. Autism Nova Scotia (January 10th)

B.  Horatio Alger Association of Canada (January 10th)

C.  Nova Scotia Justice (January 13th)

D. Village of Lawrencetown (January 19th)

E.  Canadian Postmasters and Assistants Association (January 23rd)


12:00 p.m.              LUNCH

1:00 p.m.         10.  NEW BUSINESS

  1. Federation of Canadian Municipalities – Delegate Selection, 2017 Annual Conferenc
  2. Federation of Canadian Municipalities – 2018 Board of Directors Meeting
    1. China 2017 – Introduction


2:30 p.m.        11.  ADJOURNMENT**

**Adjournment Pending Agenda Discussion;

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