2016-04-19_Council (indexed for video)


10:00 a.m.             1.ADDITIONS/DELETIONS(added to end of Agenda) (skip to video)

2.         APPROVAL of the AGENDA (skip to video)

3.         MINUTES (skip to video)

A.    Regular Session, March 15, 2016

  3. Bridgetown P-12 School Playground Society – Partner in Principle (skip to video)
  4. RFD – Bridgetown Water Meter Replacement (skip to video) and Junction Road Shoulder-Widening (skip to video)
  5. Annapolis Royal Wharf Association – Funding Request (skip to video)

5.         IN-CAMERA (skip to video)

If required.

6.         MUNICIPALSOLICITOR'SREPORT (skip to video)

        W. B. Gillis, Q.C.

- Monthly Report March 2016

- Annual Report 2016-17

7.         COUNCILLOR'SCOMMENTS (skip to video)



A.    Planning Advisory Committee (April 5, 2016) (skip to video)

                                                                     i.     Bridgetown Municipal Planning Strategy Amendments

                                                                   ii.     Bridgetown Land Use Bylaw Amendments Amend Bridgetown Municipal Planning Strategy and Land Use Bylaw – First Reading

                                                                  iii.     Bridgetown Municipal Planning Strategy and Land Use Bylaw Amendment Public Hearing

                                                                  iv.     Development Agreement Application – Types of Use and Conditions

                                                                    v.     Consider Entering Into Development Agreement with Milton Hamilton and Janice King Hamilton PID 05149653 – First Reading

                                                                  vi.     Entering into a Development Agreement – Public Hearing

B.    Committee of the Whole (March 8, 2016)

                                                                          i.     Bridgetown Swimming Pool Fencing Bylaw – First Reading to Repeal (skip to video)

                                                                        ii.     AM-1.4.1 System of Fire Inspections Policy – Seven Day Notice to Amend (skip to video)

                                                                      iii.     AM-1.2.1 Remuneration and Allowances for Warden, Deputy Warden and Councillors Policy – Seven Day Notice to Amend (skip to video)

                                                                       iv.     Heart of the Valley BMX Skate Park Society – Release Grant Monies Designated in 2013 (skip to video)
                                                                        v.     Jubilee Park Floating Dock – Work in Collaboration with Citizens to Develop  (skip to video)

                                                                       vi.     Jubilee Park Floating Dock – Letter of Intent (skip to video)

                                                                     vii.     Jubilee Park Floating Dock – Maintenance and Inclusion in Parks Inventory (skip to video)

                                                                   viii.     Jubilee Park Floating Dock – Recognition as an Advisory Committee (skip to video)

                                                                       ix.     Acadian Passport Project – Approve 2016-17 Expenditure (skip to video)

                                                                        x.     Acadian Passport Project – Re-evaluate Continued Support Beyond 2016-17 (skip to video)

                                                                       xi.     Bridgetown Volunteer Fire Department – Facilitate Application Through Farm Credit Canada’s AgriSprit Fund for Upgrades to an Existing Off-Road Vehicle (skip to video)

                                                                     xii.     Municipally-Registered Heritage Property, Davies/Repici House – Request for Alteration by Owner (St-Amour) (skip to video)

                                                                   xiii.     Municipally-Registered Heritage Property, Tupperville School Museum – Request for Alteration (skip to video)

                                                                    xiv.     NS Transportation and Infrastructure Agreement 2016-002 for South Broadway Ave, Cornwallis Park – Authorize Warden and Clerk to Sign Agreement (skip to video)

                                                                     xv.     Send Letter to Minister of Justice in Support of the Annapolis County Street Crimes Unit (skip to video)

                                                                    xvi.     Bridgetown Playground Group – Letter of Support (as discussed at 2. C)

                                                                  xvii.     Tiny Home Readiness – Add to Year 1 Priority List, Municipal Economic Development Strategy (skip to video)

C.    Special Committee of the Whole (April 18th) 2016-17 Budget discussions (skip to video

10.       CORRESPONDENCE (skip to video)

A. NS Gaelic Affairs (March 14th)

B. Clean Annapolis River Project (March 21st)

C. Margaretsville and District Fire Department (copy, March 30th)

D. Royal Canadian Mounted Police (April 4th)

E. Cornwallis Community Gardens (April 11th)

F. Women’s Place Resource Centre (April 12th)

12:00 p.m.                 LUNCH

1:30 p.m.            12. ADDITIONS

A. Bridgetown Community Recreation Association (skip to video)
B. Date for 2nd Strategic Planing Workshop (skip to video)
C. Policy AM 1.2.1 (Renumeration & Allowance for Warden, Deputy Warden and Councillors (discussed at B. iii)
D. Lawrencetown Pool - (skip to video)
E. Grant request - Annapolis Royal Wharf (discussed at 2.E)
F.  Resident Letter - sewer tax increase (skip to video)
G. Excused Absence - Councillor Chipman (skip to video)



3:30p.m.            13.       ADJOURNMENT**


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