2016-03-15_Council Agenda (indexed for video)


10:00 a.m.

1.     ADDITIONS/DELETIONS(added to end of Agenda) (skip to video)

2.         APPROVAL of the AGENDA (skip to video)

3.         MINUTES (skip to video)

A.    Regular Session, February 1, 2016

4.   BUSINESS ARISING from the MINUTES - none

  1.  Municipal Election Information Update – Polling Divisions, Voters List (skip to video)
  2.  TIR – Road Priorities (skip to video)
  3.  Community Supporter Toolkit - 2016 Census of Population (skip to video)
6.         IN-CAMERA (skip to video)

7.         MUNICIPAL SOLICITOR'S REPORT (skip to video)

        W. B. Gillis, Q.C. – February 2016

8.         COUNCILLOR'S COMMENTS (skip to video)


9.         REPORTS and RECOMMENDATIONS (skip to video)

A.    Committee of the Whole (March 8, 2016)

i.            Age Advantage Association – Partner

ii.          Age Advantage Association – Letter

iii.         Cornwallis Community Gardens Association – Amend Motion

iv.         2016-17 Sewer Charge Increase

v.           Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 33 - Grant

vi.         Family Matters – Grant

vii.        S9 Alarms Bylaw Amendment – First Reading

viii.         Bridgetown Alarms Bylaw Repeal – First Reading

ix.         Road Naming Process – New Street, Bridgetown – Access to New P-12 School

x.           Road Naming Process – Unnamed Road Springfield – Nature Lane

xi.         Delegate Powers of Appointment

xii.        Authorize Use of Provincial List of Electors

xiii.         Sanitary Sewer – Lequille Extension

xiv.      Bear River Greenhouse and Waterfront Gardens – Landowner Letter of Support

xv.        Bus Shelter, Bridgetown

xvi.      Lawrencetown Exhibition Youth Arena – Grant

xvii.        Submission of a Water Rate Study for the Annapolis Co. Water Utility to UARB

xviii.      Acquisition and Disposal of Properties – Faye Road, Bridgetown

10.       CORRESPONDENCE (skip to video)

A. ADEDA Surplus Funds (February 17th)

B. Lawrencetown and District Swimming Pool Society (February 22nd)

C. Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens (email February 23rd)

11:00 a.m.                   PRESENTATIONS (skip to video)

  1. Jubilee Park Floating Dock – Murray Freeman, Steve Campbell

12:00 p.m.                 LUNCH

1:30 p.m.            12.  ADDITIONS

A.  North Mtn. cell phone coverage (skip to video)
B.  Federation of Cnadaian Municipalities (FCM) Board of Directors Meeting 2018 (skip to video)
C.  Society of Prevention of Cruelty of Animlas (SPCA) - removed from agenda
D. Cooresepondence - Judith Perry (skip to video)
E.  Bridgetown equipment replacement (skip to video)
F.  Audit (skip to video)
G. RCMP report (skip to video)
H. In-camera - (skip to video)
I.  Planning Advisory Committee - public hearing date (skip to video)
J. Solicitor Contract Extension (skip to video)
K. Lawrencetown Renovation agreement (skip to video)

 3:30p.m.            13. ADJOURNMENT**


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