Annapolis County Economic Development Strategy 2050

A Framework for Economic Policy and Implementation

The Municipality of the County of Annapolis believes municipal government has an important role to play in the development and implementation of policies designed to assist local residents, businesses, and organizations in creating a prosperous local economy. The municipality also recognizes there is more to community development than just economics. Local community development is a tool that contributes to the overall quality of life for people living and working in Annapolis County.

Social, cultural, environmental, and economic factors all have a role to play in local long-term prosperity. Annapolis County Economic Development Strategy 2050 has set out a series of policy initiatives in line with this “four-pillar” approach. Great care has been taken both by council and staff to ensure that each policy is not affected by insurmountable external constraints; that each has been allocated adequate time and sufficient resources; and that there are agreed upon objectives.

The Municipality of the County of Annapolis fully understands these policies cannot be hurried and that they may have to be altered to coincide with external events and activities. Time and effort have been given to ensure that adequate theory supports each initiative and that shorter-term three-year projects are established as a way of implementing and verifying each policy.

The implementation of each policy requires clear communications among council, staff and members of the public. Members of the public need to be informed and to understand how the process unfolds and to what extent they are involved. The success of public participation, in support of policies and projects, is key to successful community development. If the public is not involved, if implementation does not go as planned, there is greater likelihood of policy failure. However, fear of failure should not discourage bold economic and social thinking and experimentation.

Annapolis County Economic Development Strategy 2050 is a series of policies intended to encourage both business development and business retention. These policies can put Annapolis County on a path to long-term viability and sustainability.

It is further understood that any viable and sustainable community economy rests on a clear understanding of the importance of strengthening individual household economies. The expected significant rise in the cost of food and energy will put individual households at risk and will prevent many families from participating in, and benefiting from, the larger economy. It is clear that safe, affordable and efficient housing is at the core of household economies. Skills-based affordable local education is essential to local prosperity. It is essential that Annapolis County maintain communications infrastructure at a level equivalent to the standard for non-urban populations in Canada. It is the policy of Annapolis County to ensure the preservation, restoration, mitigation and management of environmental risks to air, water and land as keys to a healthy ecosystem and to the long-term future of the local culture.

This four-pillar approach (social, cultural, environmental and economic) to local prosperity can be achieved by initiating the following five policies:

[1] Annapolis County will support and foster local agriculture, and encourage local food independence;
By 2050,
[2] 80% of the energy consumed in Annapolis County will be produced in Annapolis County;
[3] Annapolis County will support and foster access to efficient, quality housing;
[4] Annapolis County will support and foster access to affordable training in progressive vocational, innovative business, and living skills;
[5] Annapolis County will support and foster efforts to remediate, manage, and ensure clean air, water, and soil.