2023 Annapolis County Provincial Volunteer Representative Announced

We are pleased to announce that John Smith of Clarence has been selected as our 2023 Annapolis County Provincial Volunteer Representative. John will be joining other volunteers throughout NS in September to be recognized during the Provincial Volunteer Award Ceremony.
Congratulations John!!!

John's Bio:

After moving to Nova Scotia in 2019, John quickly carried on his volunteerism of over 35 years by getting involved with community groups and non-profits. He was immediately recognized as a dedicated volunteer who cares deeply for the community and everyone’s wellbeing. John’s volunteerism extends well beyond his local community, reaching municipal and provincial levels. He is a strong advocate for accessibility, healthcare and the importance of youth involvement. The following organizations are fortunate to have John on their team: Annapolis County Accessibility Advisory Committee (Chair); Bridgetown Regional Community School Advisory Committee (Community Rep.); Soldiers Memorial Hospital Foundation (Vice Chair); Annapolis County Active Kids Healthy Kids Society (Chair); Annapolis Community Health Board (Chair); Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation Accessibility Advisory Committee (Community Rep.); Mid Valley Region Physician Recruitment & Retention Committee (Community Rep.); Middleton Accessibility Advisory Committee Working Group (Member); and the Goods and Services Standards Development Committee where he assisted the Accessibility Advisory Board in preparing recommendations for the Justice Minister of Nova Scotia. Believe it or not, this list just scratches the surface of John’s community involvement. The County of Annapolis is extremely grateful and proud have John as our Provincial Volunteer Representative.

J. Smith pic