Waste Update 
Effective Thursday, September 13, 2018

  • Green carts will be emptied by waste collectors on your regular garbage day – once dumped don’t use it
  • Leave green carts in a safe location at or near roadside for pick up by Valley Waste – once dumped don’t use it
  • All residents should continue to place compost roadside in compostable bags on collection day
  • All waste should be placed roadside by 7 am on regular collection day
  • New green carts are in transit and distribution will commence as soon as possible

Fall Clean Up

There will be no change in the Fall Clean up schedule.  
County of Annapolis residents will receive fall pick on their regular garbage day
during the week of 
September 17-28th 
except the Community of Bridgetown’s fall pick up date is October 4, 2018.

2019 Annapolis County Community Events Guide Submission Process

In preparation for our 2019 Annapolis County Community Events Guide, submissions of County events are now being accepted online! The online form guides you through the process to ensure all required information is included, such as the name, contact person, date and time of the event. In addition, there is also a space available to provide a short description of your event

Click Here to start filling out the guide’s submission form.

*Please note the description has a maximum word allowance (150) to accommodate for all submitted events. Descriptions that exceed the maximum word allowance will be edited for space purposes. If this is the case, you will be contacted by Nadine Barteaux, Recreation and Special Events Officer.

Tips for great descriptions:

  • Keep it brief, for example: "Come and join us! An afternoon of fun, including....for all ages"
  • Do not repeat static information already provided (date, time, contact, website, etc.)

Deadline: December 21, 2018. 

Photo Submissions

Now is your chance! Submit a photo and it may be chosen to be published in the 2019 Annapolis County Community Events Guide! Submit your best photo(s) online about Annapolis County! Photos submitted should be in the .jpg format and be a minimum of 150 DPI to a maximum of 300 and include the person or group who submitted the photo(s). Please email photo(s) to nbarteaux@annapoliscounty.ca  

* Please note that photos submitted may be used for promotional reasons and that by submitting the photo online, consent is given to the Municipality of the County of Annapolis to have the photo used for public purposes and any persons in the photo are aware of these conditions. If your photo(s) is chosen you will be credited.

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