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2016-09-06_PAC Public Meeting - Penman

Nictaux Fire Hall
9349 Highway 10, Nictaux, NS
7:00 p.m., September 6, 2016

1.   Welcoming Remarks - Warden Reg Ritchie
Purpose: The purpose of tonight’s Public Meeting is to permit members of the public to make their views known to Council, via oral or written submissions, concerning the East End Area Municipal Planning Strategy and land Use Bylaw amendment application to amend the East End Area MPS Future Land Use Map; to amend Policy 3.1.4; to amend the East End Area LUB Zoning Map; and to include a new agricultural use in the C1 zone.
Procedure: All questions and comments throughout the public meeting are required to be addressed to the Chair. The Chair will afford an opportunity for public input and will ask that persons speaking identify themselves and the community they are from each time so that their comments may be recorded in the minutes of these proceedings, and that the person speaking identify if they are speaking in favour or against the application. Written presentations are acknowledged first, followed by public oral presentations.
Questions and comments from Planning Advisory Committee members are asked to be held until all public comment is heard.

2.   Correspondence - For information – resignation of PAC Member

3.   Minutes
      A. April 5, 2016 – Hamilton (see attached)

4.   File No. 66520-35 2015 MPS/LUB-001: East End Area Amendment - Penman
A.    Request for Decision (see attached)
B.    Presentation by Planner – Application Specifics & Planning Process (to be circulated)
C.    Presentation of the Request – Colby Penman
D.    Acknowledgement of Written Submissions (Municipal Clerk)
E.    Call for Oral Presentations (open discussion from the floor – public)
                             i.     1st, 2nd, 3rd call for comments against the application
                           ii.     1st, 2nd, 3rd call for comments in support of the application
F.    East End Area Advisory Committee Recommendation
G.   Call for questions or comments from Planning Advisory Committee Members
H.   Next Steps - Planner

5.   PAC Recommendation – Motion

6.   Closing Comments and Adjournment (Warden)